The Margaret Friar Haiti Children's Fund

The Orphanages

Our project teams with the following four orphanages to provide the essential needs to the approximately 120 children that live there. Below are descriptions of these four orphanages.

Frantz's orphanage:

This is the largest orphanage with about 52 children; there are six adults that live with the children and take care of them. Of the three orphanages, this is the only orphanage that has a school on site for the children. The children range from four to 16 years old with girls out numbering boys two to one. Before the earthquake of 2010, this orphanage used to be a three story building but it completely collapsed during the earthquake killing 12 children. They currently have three small wooden buildings and several areas covered by tarps. Each child has their own bed and mattress to sleep on however they don't have functioning toilets to use. They have many needs, some possible future projects to help get them back to where they used to be pre-quake include building more bunk houses, fixing toilets, building a schoolhouse (currently they just have some sticks holding up a tarp) putting in a floor of some kind (currently they just run around on the dirt), and getting a better water storage and filtration system. They also need monthly support to pay for their teachers.

Mr. Wilson's orphanage: 

This orphanage has about 30 children living in it. There is close to an equal division of boys and girls, with ages ranging from six to 15 years old. The kids are sent out to a school during the day for their education. The orphanage itself is a two story building, they have a common area on the roof but no yard to play in. They have ample bed frames for the children but only two or three mattresses, everyone else sleeps on cardboard or piled up clothes. Mattresses can be purchase for between $35 and $40, approximately 20 additional mattresses are needed. The roof of the orphanage could be covered to give them a play area during the rainy days. They also need water storage and filtration. They have a meager kitchen that all needs to be replaced including a new charcoal stove, pots, pans and cookware. 

Mary Lou's orphanage:

This orphanage has 16 children, about 10 girls and six boys. Their ages range between six and eighteen years old. They live up in the hills and have received least amount of support thus far to support their efforts. Their orphanage is about 10 feet by 20 feet in size, one room is shared by all the children. The children are also sent out to school during the daytime. The 16 children share three twin sized mattresses sleeping four to six children per bed. They have no bed frames so the mattresses are on the floor along with the dirt, bugs and rats. They have almost no kitchen, no water storage and a limited regular food supply. They have no yard, no play area, no school, no tables, no chairs, no toys. Just three mattresses, a few pots and a few sets of clothes. Just about anything you could think of an orphanage needing they likely don't have. 

Dorvil's Orphanage:


This is the final ophanage our project will work with. Dorvil is a Seventh-day Adventist who has taken in about 16 to 20 children. He has three people that help with with the chidlren. When Dorvil began this orphanage he only had a few borrowed tents and tarps, but he has gradually built up some ADRA plywood houses, and managed to improve his location. His kids are very animated, and always seem to have some activity going on. They have many needs and will be blessed by your donations.

The King Will Reply, "Truly I Tell You, Whatever You Did For One Of The Least Of These Brothers And Sisters Of Mine, You Did For Me."
-Matthew 25:40